Being that most trumpet players are "gear heads" about equipment, (our own and everyone elses!), here's a list of the TOOLS OF THE TRADE in my toy box:

My current main axe is probably the best horn I've ever owned, a beautiful Schilke B1-LB (with a tunable beryllium bell). All I can say is WOW, I LOVE this horn!

My piccolo trumpet is another keeper, a 50th anniversary Schilke P5-4. Sweet!

My flugelhorn isn't as noteworthy as my 2 Schilkes, but it is still a very nice-playing horn. It has been a very popular horn over the years, and was made that way in part by Chuck Mangione. It is a Yamaha YFL-631G

As for mouthpieces, I've played Warburton almost exclusively for about 30 years. I love them so much I've also been one of their CT Sales Reps for equally as long! I've played a variety of their of cup and backbore configurations. For many years I played a 4S top and KT backbore for just about everything on Bb trumpet. I changed for several years to a "Frankie V" signature model top. Currently, I am playing on a custom solid copper top made by Pickett Brass with a custom Warburton TS backbore.  For flugel, I use a standard Warburton 4FLM, and for piccolo I use a Frankie V top and an S7 backbore. 

Special Note:

If you are in CT and are interested in a personal fitting session for Warburton Mouthpieces, contact me directly. I'll be happy to hook you up with one of the finest trumpet mouthpieces on the market!

On louder stages there are a couple of other toys I use that are really great. One is a set of Atrio® in-the-ear monitors by FutureSonics. Whether you use these for on-stage monitoring or just in your iPod, they sound AWESOME! I added in a pair of custom-fitted ear pieces and they make a HUGE difference in comfort. Check them out!

The other loud stage "must-have" is my Shure clip-on microphone, Beta model 98H.