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Ted Samodel, Connecticut, professional musician, lead trumpet, TRUMPET PLAYER, TEACHER, CONDUCTOR, & CLINICIAN, Schilke, Warburton, theater musician, pit orchestra, wedding trumpet

Spring 2020: Stay @ Home Madness!

This is certainly a CRAZY time! Learning to adapt to changes on a daily basis with teaching has been a lesson in flexibility. Thankful to be healthy and having SO much time to spend with my family, and to have SO many blessings to count!

Looking forward to getting back to some level of "normal", whatever that will end up looking like.


Spring 2018

Working on "Shrek: The Musical" yet again for 6 shows, March 21-26 in Branford. Some of it never gets old- some really fun music in this show.


Summer 2014

July 10-13: Clinton Family Theater, "Seussical: The Musical"

March 2013

Currently working on the Lead book for a production of "In The Heights" in Branford next month at Branford High School. The band has a great bunch of really talented players, which makes everything just click. Tough book, though!

Summer 2013

July 10-14: Clinton Family Theater, "Young Fankenstein"

July 23-August 4: Artful Living Productions, "Shrek: The Musical"

June 2012

Now that school is out for the summer, I can spend some time getting around to doing some important (and fun) things that get pushed aside during the year.

I just got back from an exciting, first-time adventure...hiking to the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire with my 2 boys and 7 other guys. What a wild ride THAT was! 6288 feet high, over 6.5 miles (one way) of rugged terrain through Tuckerman's Ravine. We spent the night at Lake of the Clouds Hut and then hit it again the next day back down on the Lion's Head Trail to Pinkam's Notch where we started the day before.

What can I say? It was a "guy thing" and a great time to hang out with my boys and some of our friends.

July 2012

I'll be playing for another summer production of DAMN YANKEES with Clinton Family Theater.

August 2012

I'll be playing for a summer production of SEUSSICAL: THE MUSICAL with Artful Living Productions.

October 2012

Was fortunate to host the world-famous TOWER OF POWER horns and their drummer David Garibaldi for a clinic at school! The day was fantastic from start to finish. Made some good friends and memories.

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